The Weston Democratic Club

Democrats In Weston

The Weston Democratic Club is the hub in our city for the national and state Democratic Party. Our city boasts a population of 50,000, evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Our voting areas are divided into Precincts. Each precinct may be represented by one committee man and one committee woman. As a grassroots Democratic activist you are encouraged to become a committee man or woman in your precinct. This is a great way to communicate important information, generate excitement, and help get out the vote-all while getting to know your neighbors better!

Our club is in the forefront of political activism in the city. We have many functions and are well known throughout the county. Our meetings have evolved as 'the place to see and be seen" in Broward County. Most candidates and elected officials visit Weston quite frequently and we have the chance to have our individual say in local, state and national politics.